Business and IT/IRM Transformation Plan

Executive Summary

This first-ever state Business and Information Technology/Information Resource Management Transformation Plan offers a clear vision for moving Hawai‘i into the 21st century.  Read more.


Governance provides the framework for the management and oversight of business processes and information technology.  Read more.

Business and IT/IRM Strategic Plan

The Business and IT/IRM Transformation Strategic Plan documents the mission, vision, goals, strategies objectives, and performance measures of the transformation effort, as well as specific prioritized projects and initiatives that will be launched over the next 10 years.  Read more.

Enterprise Architecture

The Enterprise Architecture includes a description of the current (or As-Is) state as well as the future (or To Be) vision for the State of Hawaii.  Read more.


An overview of the business process reengineering and IT/IRM projects that have been completed, are currently being implemented, or planned.  Read more.