IT Steering Committee

ITSC charter cover

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Pursuant to HRS section 27-43, the IT Steering Committee was established to assist the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in developing the state’s information technology standards and policies, including but not limited to:

  1. Assisting the CIO in developing and implementing the state information technology strategic plans;
  2. Assessing executive branch departments’ progress in meeting the objectives defined in the state information technology strategic plans and identifying best practices for shared or consolidated services;
  3. Ensuring technology projects are selected based on their potential impact and risk to the state, as well as their strategic value;
  4. Ensuring that executive branch departments maintain sufficient tools to assess the value and benefits of technology initiatives;
  5. Assisting the CIO in developing state information technology standards and policies; and
  6. Clarifying the roles, responsibilities, and authority of the Office of Enterprise Technology Services, specifically as it relates to its statewide duties.

Pursuant to HCR 94, ETS submitted a State Information Strategic Plan on behalf of the IT Steering Committee.  It can be found here: IT Strategic Plan


Evaluation of the CIO

Beginning in 2017, the committee will evaluate the CIO based on a variety of metrics. The evaluation summary will be included in the CIO’s year-end annual report.