Enterprise Architecture

The EA for the State of Hawai`i includes a description of the current or As Is state as well as the future or To Be state for each EA element or layer (business architecture, information architecture, solutions architecture, and technology architecture).


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Executive Summary  [628 KB]

1.0 Introduction  [561 KB]

1.1 Purpose
1.2 Scope
1.3 Document Overview
1.4 Associated Documents

2.0 Business and IT/IRM Goals and Strategies and the Role of EA  [600 KB]

2.1 Goals of Enterprise Transformation
2.2 Strategies for Enterprise Transformation
2.3 The Role of Enterprise Architecture

3.0 State of Hawai`i EA  [639 KB]

3.1 Context for the EA within the State of Hawai`i’s Government Transformation
3.2 Current State EA Summary
3.4 Future State EA Summary
3.5 Transition and Sequencing Plan Summary

4.0 Enterprise Business Architecture  [1,207 KB]

4.1 EBA Current State
4.2 EBA Future State
4.3 EBA Transition and Sequencing (T&S) Planning Summary

5.0 Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA)  [1,005 KB]

5.1 EIA Current State
5.2 EIA Future State
5.3 EIA Transition and Sequencing Planning Summary

6.0 Enterprise Solution Architecture (ESA)  [1,516 KB]

6.1 ESA Current State
6.2 ESA Future State
6.3 ESA Transition and Sequencing Planning Summary

7.0 Enterprise Technology Architecture (ETA)  [6,995 KB]

7.1 ETA Current State
7.2 ETA Future State

8.0 Enterprise Level Transition and Sequencing Plan  [818 KB]

8.1 Approach Transition and Sequencing Plan
8.2 Enterprise Level Transition and Sequencing Analysis
8.3 Specific Projects and Activities

9.0 Conclusion  [547 KB] [/learn_more]


[box] Appendix A-Line of Business Segment Architecture Transformation  [10,889 KB][/box] [box] Appendix B-Project Charters  [17,412 KB][/box] [box] Appendix D-Attached Agencies  [2,416 KB][/box] [box] Appendix E-Technology Trends  [985 KB][/box] [box] Appendix F-Radio Plan  [1,381 KB][/box] [box] Appendix G-Records Management  [2,883 KB][/box] [box] Appendix H-Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)  [811 KB][/box]