Business and IT/IRM Transformation Plan

On October 4, 2012, the State Office of Information Management and Technology unveiled its plan as directed by Governor Neil Abercrombie to create an environment in Hawai’i for innovative industries to thrive and simultaneously apply technology to all sectors. The 12-year roadmap for this major initiative is described in the Business and Information Technology/Information Resource Management (IT/IRM) Transformation Plan (Transformation Plan).

The Transformation Plan maps the necessary steps for the next decade that will drive business and technology transformation. The Transformation Plan was developed in consultation with state agencies and after a thorough review of national best practices and lessons learned from other states.

As the state has not significantly invested in technology for more than 30 years, transforming the state’s $11 billion business enterprise with 220 business functions and services across 35 distinct lines of business is an enormous endeavor. The Transformation Plan will morph today’s chaotic, paper-based and inefficient business environment to a future environment that is more cost-efficient, digital, and mobile-accessible. The Plan will also consolidate the state’s 743 fragmented legacy systems into fewer, but, integrated, enterprise-wide solutions that facilitate improved information sharing.

The Transformation Plan is the first-ever for the state and is comprehensive in addressing the full business and IT/IRM environment. The Transformation Plan is comprised of four components:

Business and IT/IRM Strategic Plan
Enterprise Architecture

We want to acknowledge everyone who worked collaboratively to develop the Transformation Plan. Our deepest mahalo for your hard work, dedication and support!