IT Steering Committee

ITSC charter cover

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Pursuant to HRS section 27-43, the IT Steering Committee was established to assist the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in developing the state’s information technology standards and policies, including but not limited to:

  1. Assisting the CIO in developing and implementing the state information technology strategic plans;
  2. Assessing executive branch departments’ progress in meeting the objectives defined in the state information technology strategic plans and identifying best practices for shared or consolidated services;
  3. Ensuring technology projects are selected based on their potential impact and risk to the state, as well as their strategic value;
  4. Ensuring that executive branch departments maintain sufficient tools to assess the value and benefits of technology initiatives;
  5. Assisting the CIO in developing state information technology standards and policies; and
  6. Clarifying the roles, responsibilities, and authority of the Office of Enterprise Technology Services, specifically as it relates to its statewide duties.

Evaluation of the CIO

Beginning in 2017, the committee will evaluate the CIO based on a variety of metrics. The evaluation summary will be included in the CIO’s year-end annual report.