Services-Oriented Infrastructure


Services-Oriented Infrastructure (SOI), also known as shared services, involves the management of enterprise shared services centrally to leverage economies of scale (e.g., network, data management, unified communications, data center, and various cloud services).

Services-Oriented Infrastructure Programs:

  • Identify SOI under the preliminary categories of network, security, governance, data management, unified communications, and shared services, and aligned with strategic benchmarks.
  • Office 365 – Rougly 12,000 Office 365 licenses are deployed and utilized by branch department users. Benefits include fortified security, greater disaster recovery capability, expanded applications and services, added tools for collaboration, and long-term budget sustainability.
  • eSign Service – Departments statewide increase government efficiency within the executive branch through the use of eSign.  About 400,000 transactions are processed through the Adobe eSign service each year.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud – Departments statewide have access to the Adobe products suite to author PDFs, and other digital media and assets.
  • Government Private Cloud – ETS is a Vmware Service Provider and operates within a Hyper Converged Infrastructure and services to various departments.
  • Public Cloud Services – ETS provides Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud services to various applications, and services.
  • Shared Data Center – ETS uses three data centers: DR Fortress, University of Hawaii, and the Kalanimoku Building for use by the departments.
  • Mainframe Services – ETS provides Mainframe hosting and services for use by the departments.
  • Mainframe Application Services – ETS provides application services ranging from COBOL, ADABAS, Linux, and more, in support of various Mainframe applications.
  • Open Data Infrastructure – The State’s Open Data Infrastructure is managed and maintained by ETS.
  • Public Facing Website Infrastructure – Various department and agency websites are housed and managed by ETS in the AWS Cloud.
  • Network Services – ETS has designed and maintains the largest computer network in the State of Hawaii that spans multiple islands.
  • HIWIN Radio System – The Hawaii Wireless Interoperability Network is the State’s Radio infrastructure which is used by first responders, departments, counties, and other various agencies.