Screener Help

For assistance:

Safe Travels Application Service Desk for Screeners (10 a.m. to 10 p.m. HST): 808-460-4222
Calls outside of working hours will go to voicemail and be returned the next business day.
*Note: This number is specific to Screeners. There is a separate number for Travelers listed in the Traveler FAQ page.

Which web browser should I be using?

Safari is the only supported web browser for the app.

What browser settings do I set to ensure proper function of the app?

Please refer to this screener iPad Settings document.

How do I create a login for the Safe Travels application?

Your login email and password will be provided to you.

The Safe Travels Screener app can be accessed via Safari at:

I am having trouble logging in to my account

Please clear your browser history before trying again.

How do I increase the font size?

Use the double-tap, pinch, or zoom feature on iPads. For more information, click here for the iPad user guide.

How do I scan a QR Code?

While logged into the Screener App:

  1. Open the camera app on the iPad device
  2. Hold the back-facing camera up to the traveler’s QR code being displayed on their mobile device, or printed version.

How do I pull up a Traveler’s Record?

There are two ways to pull up a Traveler’s Record:

  1. Scan the QR Code
  2. Click the button Manually Search for Trip

How do I manually Search for a Traveler’s Trip?

  1. On the screener main login page, click on the Manually Search for Trip button
  2. Type in the Traveler’s name in the search bar
  3. Click on the Search button
  4. Scroll to the Traveler’s record
  5. Click Get the Trip Details Form
  6. The Traveler’s Record opens to complete the screening process

How do I select an exemption for a traveler?

Once the Traveler’s Record is open via scanning the QR code, or manually searching for the traveler, Under Traveler’s record, you will see a list of exemptions.  Verify the traveler’s paperwork, then click on the correct exemption.  Add any comments if needed.

Why is the Display Quarantine Order button not available when an exemption is selected for a traveler?

Traveler’s with Exemptions are not required to complete a Quarantine Order.

How do I open the Quarantine Order for the traveler to sign?

After opening the Traveler’s Record, verify the traveler’s information, then scroll down and click on the Display Quarantine Order button.

What is the process to screen a non-exempt traveler?

  1. Open the Traveler’s record via scanning the QR code or manually searching for the traveler’s record
  2. At the Traveler’s record screen, verify the traveler’s information, scroll down to Display the Quarantine Order button and click the button.
  3. Have the traveler read and understand the Quarantine order
  4. Scroll to the bottom
  5. Enter the Traveler’s Government ID Type
  6. Enter the Traveler’s ID Number
  7. Have the traveler sign the quarantine order on the screener’s IPAD
  8. Have the traveler click Accept Signature
  9. Have the traveler click I Agree
  10. Now at the Screener page, click the check box Confirm ID and information has been validated
  11. Screener sign
  12. Screener click submit
  13. You’ll be taken back to the Screener app main page.

Where does the traveler sign the Quarantine Order?

Under the Traveler’s record, there is a button Display Quarantine Order
The traveler should read and understand the quarantine order.
The traveler’s Government ID information needs to be entered here.
Traveler signs, clicks “Accept Signature”
Traveler clicks “I Agree”.

Can I update the Traveler’s quarantine location?

If the Traveler has not been processed yet (you have not clicked Submit on the Traveler’s record), have the Traveler use the Traveler App to update their self-quarantine location in Trips. After they submit their updated Trip, they can regenerate the QR code by going to Health Questionnaire, selecting the trip, and clicking Yes, generate it when asked if they would like to generate the QR code again. You can scan the new QR code or manually search for the traveler to see the updated quarantine location and finish processing the Traveler.

What do I do if I am having issues with the app, such as getting an error message (i.e. database error)?

Clear your browser cache before trying again. Click here for instructions on Safari.

Where can I find the Traveler FAQs and information?