Request for Proposals: RFP-13-016-SW. Sealed offers for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution, State of Hawaii, Office of Information Management and Technology. Offers in response are due at 2:00 PM, Hawaii Standard Time (HST) on December 3, 2013 (or such later date as may be established by the State of Hawaii by an Addendum to this RFP) by submissions to the Hawaii state eProcurement system (HIePRO).

The purpose of the RFP is to allow the State to identify and engage an ERP Solution Contractor to provide an ERP Solution to modernize certain State IT systems and processes and State business processes, including by replacing or updating legacy State IT systems.  Offers submitted under this RFP should take into consideration and align with the Office of the Governor of Hawaii’s “New Day in Hawaii Plan” described at (A New Day in Hawaii), and in particular, the objectives set forth in the PDF document at that site entitled “A New Day in Hawaii” under the section entitled “Economy” on page 3 and the section entitled “Technology and Innovation” on page 6.  Offers should also take into consideration and align with the Hawaii Information Technology/Information Resource Management (IT/IRM) Transformation Plan, located at (State Office of Information Management and Technology Home Page).  In addition, Offers should take into consideration the State’s goal of optimizing business value and the delivery of a technically sophisticated and cost-efficient ERP Solution while meeting the unique business and technical needs of the State, which include needs arising from the State’s long distance from the United States mainland, its physical isolation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, constrained network connectivity to the mainland (giving rise to IT issues such as latency and limited bandwidth), constrained network speeds and bandwidth within Hawaii, and the State’s exposure to extreme weather and natural disasters.

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