OIMT Momentum Builds

Posted on Jun 1, 2011 in Featured

It’s been just over a month since Governor Abercrombie announced the Office of Information Management & Technology. Since that time, the team has been moving quickly to create the foundation needed for the first phase of the State’s technology transformation effort.

To keep the public informed of OIMT’s progress, below are a few notable accomplishments from the last 30 days. We look forward to reporting additional updates in the next 4-6 weeks.

Chief Information Officer Selection Hiring:

  • Identified the final candidates for the position of Chief Information Officer, Office of Information Management & Technology.
  • Final CIO interviews are currently being scheduled.

OIMT Staff Positions:

  • Initiated recruiting for several OIMT positions, including: senior communications manager, senior IT program manager, senior IT security manager, and senior systems analyst.
  • Started the interview process for the senior IT project manager, OIMT.

Technology Transformation, Phase I:

  • Completed the terms for RCUH’s assistance with various OIMT activities.
  • Conducted multiple “listen and learn” interviews with other State CIOs and industry experts.
  • Initiated discussions with vendors to identify companies with extensive experience in Public Sector technology transformation projects.
  • Distributed a Request for Proposals (RFP) to 1) assess and establish a baseline of the state’s information management and technology landscape and 2) develop a comprehensive view of department services across the state. The assessment will provide a complete picture of the state’s IT landscape and services — critical information for the incoming CIO so he/she can develop an effective, efficient IT environment that enhances the state’s ability to meet its mission and objectives.