Message from the Chief Information Officer

Posted on Oct 1, 2012 in CIO Blogs


Sonny Bhagowalia

Sonny Bhagowalia

The Governor envisions a new day in Hawai‘i with a New Day Plan that is committed to three waves of change that comprise a winning strategy for Hawai‘i: Growing a Sustainable Economy, Investing in People, and Transforming Government.

 “This first-ever information technology strategic plan gives us aa clear vision and direction for moving the State of Hawai‘i into the 21st century. This plan recognizes the evolving role of technology in the delivery of government services, and underscores the partnership between department business and mission needs and technology solutions. We have an unprecedented opportunity to transform government starting right now.” -Governor Abercrombie

Hawaii’s business and technology transformation will integrate all of the State’s Information Technology (IT) and Information Resource Management (IRM) needs into an integrated, enterprise architecture to reduce costs, deliver better services to the public, increase efficiencies in State government, provide greater accountability and transparency, reduce energy use and environmental impacts, and enhance IT infrastructure availability, reliability, security and privacy. Previously, there was no clear strategy to address the future needs of the State’s IT and IRM systems, or to improve the current challenges which result from limited coordination among departments and siloed IT systems. The Office of Information Management and Technology (OIMT) developed this transformation plan to guide Hawaii to a bright new future.

The Business and IT/IRM Transformation Plan provides the twelve-year vision for transforming the State of Hawai‘i through information management and technology. The plan is drafted at a high level and serves as the guiding light for what we are trying to achieve. It defines key outcomes and provides the State a way to measure the success of the overall transformation. It also includes the logic and high level planning for how we implement the twelve-year vision.

This Transformation Plan is based on a balance of pragmatic proven industry best practices, successful installations in government, and best ideas in an open and transparent manner from industry, government, academia and citizens. A plan of this magnitude that seeks to create responsive and comprehensive enterprise transformation requires observation, engagement with stakeholders, and the use of disciplined processes to gather data. This allows us to corroborate hypotheses, conduct analysis, and provides a viable vision and plan for the road ahead. Hawaii is currently 20-30 years behind in IT/IRM practices, when compared to other states. However, we seek to leap-frog into the front by leveraging lessons learned, best practices, and studying successful examples of business and technology transformations at the federal/state/local and industry level. That is precisely what we are attempting to do. Normally, this process takes 2-3 years and many resources to even formulate a plan of this size, scope, complexity and aspiration. However, we believe agility, openness and transparency, participation, collaboration and innovation will leapfrog us to the top. We are striving for the summit – world class excellence with Aloha.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Sanjeev “Sonny” Bhagowalia
Chief Information Officer