IT Governance

IT Governance

ETS’ IT Governance (ITG) assists the CIO with developing, implementing, and managing statewide information technology governance. ETS’ IT Governance implements and coordinates the governance process required by the Administrative Directive No. 18-03 – Program Governance and IV&V Requirements for Enterprise IT Projects. The state’s IT project portfolio governance consists of project phase review gates to ensure project execution and associated expenditures are sufficiently evaluated and receive approval by the appropriate state governing bodies.

The old Form ETS-205, Computer Hardware, Software, or Services Request, was replaced with a workflow enabled by LeanIX, the statewide IT Portfolio Management Tool in September 2021. Refer to section 21.d in the Governor’s Budget Execution Policies. To eliminate duplicate data entry and to improve and unify the statewide IT portfolio management, all IT spend requests shall be initiated in LeanIX and approved using the eSign approval workflow. If a department needs additional LeanIX user accounts or further assistance, please contact your departmental IT coordinator.

IT Project Phase Review Gates


  1. Roadmapping Phase – ITG reviews each department’s IT roadmap periodically together with the department and the CIO.
  2. Budgeting Phase – ITG coordinates with the Department of Budget & Finance a yearly CIO evaluation of all executive branch IT budget requests.
  3. Initiating Phase – For any IT spending costing over $100,000, departments submit IT Spend Requests to ITG. ITG coordinates a CIO review of all these IT Spend Requests.
  4. Planning Phase – For any IT spending costing over $1 million, ITG coordinates a review and approval of the spend request with the Project Advisory Council (PAC).
  5. Procurement Phase – CIO must approve all IT procurement solicitations and procurement contracts over $100,000.
  6. Contract and Operations Phase – ITG coordinates periodic reviews of active IT projects.

IT Project Phases

PC Acquisition Guidelines

ETS Guideline No. 306 – PC Acquisition Guidelines

ETS Guideline No. 306.01 – Recommended PC Specifications

GSA Schedule 70

State Procurement Office (SPO) Procurement Circular No. 2017-06: GSA Schedule 70 Contracts for IT Services Only

GSA IT Schedule 70 instructions (2017.05.17)

SPO-050: Notice of Request to Use GSA Schedule 70 for Purchases/Contracts Exceeding $1,000,000

GSA IT Schedule 70 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Buyers

Telecommunications Request (TR) Form

ETS Telecommunications Request form (AKA “TR” form. AKA ETS-001. Revised 2019.07.01).

Recent changes to the form:

  • 2019.03.25 Now a fillable PDF form
  • 2019.07.01 References to “TSB” or “Telecom Services Branch” are changed to “NB” or “Network Branch”, and the new physical/mailing address is listed
  • 2019.07.01 The form also includes a signature line for the ETS Chief Information Officer, when needed for ETS IT Governance approval

ETS Telecommunications Request form instructions (Revised 2019.07.01)

Clarification in the Process of Ordering Patch Cords/Patch Cables

Purchases of patch cords/patch cables do not require approval from ETS. As such, do not submit a Telecom Request (TR). When ordering patch cords/patch cables, issue Purchase Orders (PO) directly to the vendor. When ordering from Hawaiian Telcom (HT), send the PO to your HT Account Manager.