Hawaii Government Private Cloud Strategic Pillars

To fully realize the efficiencies associated with consolidation and cloud computing, the State of Hawaii has established a cloud first preference across departments to begin leveraging the Hawaii Government Private Cloud (GPC) for all new IT projects as well as the migration of existing applications, wherever feasible. This sets clear direction for departments’ use of the Hawaii GPC over existing and often outdated legacy systems for which further investment of taxpayer dollars cannot be justified.

Strategic Pillars:

Reduce Costs – Reduce hardware and operating costs by increasing current virtualization levels, reducing DC footprints, and closing DCs and automating manual tasks.

Reduce Risk – Use the private cloud services to reduce outage and disaster risk by deploying an infrastructure where disaster recovery is built-in automatically or can be efficiently added.

Increase Agility – Increase the business agility of IT. Remove the complexities of managing IT, thereby transforming it into a turnkey utility – that can quickly and easily support planned enterprise initiatives.