Future Vision

plan-cover-smallBusiness and IT/IRM Transformation Plan

The 12-year roadmap for this major initiative is described in the Business and Information Technology/Information Resource Management (IT/IRM) Transformation Plan (Transformation Plan).

Download the plan: https://ets.hawaii.gov/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Transformation-Strategic-Plan.pdf

Read more at: https://ets.hawaii.gov/state-releases-business-and-technology-transformation-plan/


  • Authorized users: Residents, state employees, government and business partners registered with the State to get access to information based on their role/responsibility
  • Access to the right information: Providing authorized users with the required data or information with requisite quality that is collected, processed, maintained and stored by State to fulfill its mission
  • Any mission: 36 Lines of Business and 220 business functions/services provided by the State
  • Anywhere: Any geo-physical location in the State with appropriate wireless or wire-line signal and network connectivity.  Anywhere outside the state is limited to Internet or Extranet (secure external network) access through any device
  • Anytime: Access on a 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week and 365 days-a-year basis
  • Any Device: Laptop, desktop, table, PDA, telephone and web-based technology
  • Securely: Confidentiality, integrity and availability of information with appropriate credentials (and a “single sign-on”) and in compliance with all applicable privacy and security laws
  • Reliably: Providing services to customers or users with sufficient quality that are measured with guaranteed service level agreements and customer satisfaction indices with goal of world class in 12 years
  • myhawaiiThrough one Portal (my.hawaii.gov): A single, “user-friendly-and-intelligent” web portal with a service catalog of all available on-line government information and services (both open and secure) that can be accessed with appropriate security credentials.  Transparent to the users, the State will be unified and improved through (a) BPR and mission-oriented applications; (b) enterprise shared services and a consolidated infrastructure; and (c) a strong governance foundation.  See a preview.