ETS Policy No. 508: Secure Device Policy

Posted on Nov 22, 2017 in Policies

Offices of Enterprise Technology Services Policy No. 508
Secure Device Policy
Effective Date: December 1, 2017
Revision No./Date: (n/a)


The purpose of the Secure Device Policy (“Policy”) is to identify minimum requirements for authorizing any device, as appropriate, to connect to State of Hawaii (“State”) government information technology services and/or access and potentially store State data. The intent of this Policy is to protect the integrity of private and confidential data.


This Policy applies to all devices, whether or not provided by the State, connecting to State information technology services and/or accessing and potentially storing State data, including but not limited to smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers.

Each department, division and agency within the State may establish supplemental standards and procedures that enhance the Policy to meet other specific security requirements.


Prior to connecting State services, excluding publicly accessible web resources and guest networks, and/or accessing/storing private, confidential, or otherwise protected data maintained by the State, all devices shall meet minimum requirements listed in Office of Enterprise Technology Services Policy No. 508.01, Secure Device Standards, as applicable.

Downloading State data onto a non-State device, including personal devices, is strongly discouraged but permissible if required for State business purposes, provided that the device meets the same minimum requirements.

Any device failing to meet these requirements shall not be allowed to connect.

The State reserves the right to refuse the connection of any device, without notice, if it appears the device is not in compliance with this Policy.

Loss of any device with access to State services or data must be immediately reported to the designated information technology coordinator.


Any device connecting to State services and/or access and potentially storing State data may be subject to audit to confirm compliance with this Policy or other applicable State policies, such as Department of Human Resources Development Policy No. 103.001, Acceptable Usage of Information Technology Resources, as amended. The State may require the removal of State data from devices at any time. The State is not responsible for personal data lost or compromised.

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