Metrics for Evaluation of the Chief Information Officer

The IT Steering Committee will evaluate the state Chief Information Officer (CIO) based on the metrics below, organized under seven priority areas. The evaluation summary will be included in the CIO’s annual report, due 20 days prior to the start of the 2018 Legislature.

IT Governance Metrics (2017)

Metric DescriptionMeasurementDeadlineStatusGrade
Average Grade
Achieved full participation by executive branch departments in IT governance processes, pursuant to Administrative Directive (AD) No. 15-02, “Program Governance Requirements for Act 119 and Enterprise Information Technology Projects”Percentage of departments participating07/1/17100% of departments are participating (excluding the Department of Education and University of Hawaii). ETS continues to refine the IT “request to spend process” to enhance the depth and effectiveness of reviews of departmental hardware, software, telecom and service requests of $100,000 or more. Departments submit their information to ETS via a detailed form. Initial results have yielded elimination of unnecessary items/services, improvement of the specificity of project timelines and plans, and, in some cases, renegotiation of proposed contract terms, conditions and prices in the favor of the state.
Achieved full participation by executive branch departments in annual budget request process, developed in partnership with the Department of Budget and Finance (B&F) in accordance with HRS section 27-43, requiring departments to develop and maintain their respective multi-year IT strategic and tactical plans and roadmaps as part of the state’s overall IT strategic plansPercentage of departmental roadmaps submitted12/1/17On track
Reduced costs of IT projects reviewed under IT governance processes (AD No. 15-02)Percentage of reduction relative to overall IT costs; 2017 ETS goal: 5 percent12/1/17On track
Deployed citizen-facing website for state IT policies and standards; continuous deployment and maintenance of statewide policies and standardsYes or no and overall quality of resource12/1/17On track

IT Workforce Development Metrics (2017)

Metric DescriptionMeasurementDeadlineStatusGrade
Average Grade
Reduced vacancies within ETSPercentage; 2017 goal: vacancies less than 10 percent12/1/17On track
Facilitate programs designed to establish, expand and/or promote career path opportunities within the State for IT workers:
1) Completed LinkedIn Pilot Project and demonstrated progress toward vacancy goalNumber of positions filled via LinkedIn; pilot project goal: 1004/1/17ETS was able to hire or assign start dates for 13 new employees (42% of its vacancies) during the LinkedIn pilot project (October 2016 - April 2017), compared to 6 (17%) during the same timeframe a year prior. Furthermore, four additional candidates sourced through LinkedIn during the pilot have been identified for hire but are pending final approval.
2) Achieved employee participation in Civil Service IT Broadbanding Pilot Project Number of ETS employees participating in program; goal: 10 percent of applicable civil service IT employees12/1/17On track
3) Continued and expanded Hawaii Annual Code Challenge programHeld second annual event (yes or no) and quality of event compared to previous; goal: greater than 250 participants12/1/17On track

Cybersecurity Metrics (2017)

Metric DescriptionMeasurementDeadlineStatusGrade
Average Grade
Filled all available ETS cybersecurity positionsYes or no and/or percentage filled12/1/17On track
Implemented cybersecurity response planYes or no12/1/17On track
Established metrics for cybersecurity response and effectiveness Yes or no and quality of metrics12/1/17On track

Enterprise Projects & Programs Metrics (2017)

Metric DescriptionMeasurementDeadlineStatusGrade
Average Grade
Issued RFP for State Web Portal ProgramYes or no12/1/17On track
Demonstrate successful implementation of the following enterprise initiatives:
1) Tax System Modernization Project, Phases 2 & 3IV&V assessment as of date12/1/17On track
2) Enterprise Payroll and Time & Attendance Modernization, Payroll Phase On track, on budget12/1/17On track
3) Kauhale On-Line Eligibility Assistance (KOLEA), Phases 1 & 2On track, on budget12/1/17On track
Demonstrate sustainability and integration (with other ERP modules) of:
1) Human Resources Management SystemQuality of sustainability and integration12/1/17On track

Services-Oriented Infrastructure Metrics (2017)

Metric DescriptionMeasurementDeadlineStatusGrade
Average Grade
Increased capability to provide tech support to departments as enterprise serviceJob tickets received and closed12/1/17On track
Demonstrate progress and success of:
1) Office 365 ProjectQuality of departmental participation and sustainability07/1/17ETS has completed migration of the executive branch to Office 365, excluding the Department of Taxation (pending its migration, which it elected to defer), Department of Education, University of Hawaii and Hawaii Health Systems Corporation. ETS has also formally identified Office 365 as the state’s platform for email, online storage and other Office applications and services, and has negotiated a new 3-year enterprise license agreement (ELA), effective June 1, 2017, that provides for the continued use of these applications and services by approximately 12,000 users, while further leveraging economies of scale in favor of the state.
2) eSign ServiceNumber of transactions and quality of departmental participation; year-end goal: 200,000 transactions12/1/17On track
3) Government Private Cloud / Cloud ServicesMigration completed (yes or no)12/1/17On track
4) Network Operations & MaintenanceReliability and sustainability; goal for core Next Generation Network: 99.99% availability, excluding planned maintenance12/1/17On track
5) TelecommunicationsSuccessful 99.99% availability, excluding planned maintenance12/1/17On track

Open Data Metrics (2017)

Metric DescriptionMeasurementDeadlineStatusGrade
Average Grade
Launched ETS Strategic Roadmap DashboardYes or no07/31/17Yes; see ETS IT Strategic Roadmap
Established web accessibility standard and launched statewide training resourcesYes or no12/1/17On track
Established policy addressing copyright of State web contentYes or no12/1/17On track
Evaluated effectiveness of State Web Portal program and model, and issue request for proposals in line with the recommendations of the Access Hawaii CommitteeYes or no12/1/17On track
Established policy for open dataYes or no12/1/18On track

Cost-Transparency Metrics (2017)

Metric DescriptionMeasurementDeadlineStatusGrade
Average Grade
Collected departmental IT roadmaps, under new authority provided under HRS 27-43Quality of departmental participation07/1/17Collection is 76% complete, based on department employee count, with roadmaps received from the Departments of Accounting and General Services, Agriculture, the Attorney General, Budget and Finance, Human Resources Development, Land and Natural Resources, Transportation, and Public Safety, as well as the Offices of the Governor and Lt. Governor and the Hawaii State Public Libraries System (excluding the Department of Education and University of Hawaii). ETS is going department by department to assist them in the development and refinement of their roadmaps. ETS has also worked with the Department of Budget and Finance to incorporate the roadmaps into the IT governance and budget planning purposes. If a department’s spending request is not in its budget request, ETS will not approve the spending request without sound justification. In addition, the Department of Budget and Finance’s budget preparation instructions provided to departments for the 2018 Legislature require that all budget requests for IT and telecommunications services require the approval of the CIO.
Created ETS IT strategic roadmap, incorporating and aligning information from departmental IT roadmapsYes or no07/1/17Yes; however, incorporating/aligning with department roadmaps is ongoing as departments develop their individual roadmaps, described above.
Published ETS IT strategic roadmap setting clear goals and benchmarks for the CIO’s priority areas and priority projects/programs by the deadline to submit Executive Budget Request to the LegislatureYes or no07/1/17Yes; see ETS IT Strategic Roadmap
Created a publically accessible online dashboard to track progress, as a companion to the roadmapYes or no12/1/17On track