The state’s IT governance process for evaluating and approving IT investments and projects is a simple one:  all IT Development, Modernization, and Enhancement (DME) and Operational & Maintenance (O&M) investment and project requests greater than $1 million will follow the same gated, review process.

The four (4) phases are 1) Pre-Initiation, 2) Initiating, 3) Planning, and 4) Contract Execution and Implementation, each with minimum required documentation for an investment or project that is either approved, denied, or deferred by a reviewing body before proceeding to the next phase.  This graduated approach ensures multiple review points for every IT investment or project, from inception through completion.

Process Illustration Cycle 12.21.15

The level of detail of documentation for each investment or project, as well as the level of scrutiny will be commensurate with the corresponding dollar amount, complexity, and visibility.

Should department/agencies have questions, they should contact the ETS team for guidance and, in the case of new projects, complete an Initiation Request (see form below).

Additional Resources

Spend Request Forms

IT Spend Request Forms. The current ETS-205 Parts A & B form (previously referred to as T-205 or ICSD-205), the new ETS-205 Part C form, and the Telecommunications Request form (also referred to as a TR form), and instructions for these forms are available on this web page.

Sample Forms

Below are sample forms and templates for use in documenting required information (supplemental templates are available upon request):

For more information, please contact:
Todd Omura
ETS IT Governance Manager
(808) 586-1824
[email protected]