Enterprise Programs and Projects

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Enterprise Programs and Projects consist of initiatives identified as enterprise in scope, leveraging economies of scale and setting standard platforms for IT systems to maximizing positive return on investment (e.g., tax, health and human services, asset management, budget, finance, grants, human resources, payroll, procurement, and time and attendance).

 2017 Accomplishments


Client Services Branch — Worked with the Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS) and Department of Human Resources Development (DHRD) to collect, process, and transmit 2016 Affordable Care Act information for 16,702 employees to the Internal Revenue Service; successful completion of this federal requirement prevented the State from incurring a maximum penalty of $3 million. Also supported the second Hawai‘i Annual Code Challenge in partnership with the Hawai‘i Technology Development Corporation, nonprofit Hawai‘i Open Data, and DevLeague. With participation exceeding its inaugural year, the event was successful in engaging the local tech community in government modernization and exposing individuals to state IT career opportunities.

Enterprise Architect Branch — Refined mandatory governance process to ensure success for State executive branch IT programs and projects, and initiated work with departments to establish multi-year IT “roadmaps” in accordance with new authority provided by Act 58 of 2016. This work resulted in a savings of more than $11 million dollars. The public can access the Department Dashboard to view these IT Roadmaps at ets.hawaii.gov. Supported the State’s Office of Planning’s (OP) Hawai‘i Statewide Geographic Information System (GIS) Program launch of a new Geospatial Data Portal (geoportal.hawaii.gov), which provides streamlined access to hundreds of data layers, topographic maps, imagery, and developer features. The joint ETS-OP effort established enterprise licensing and hosting agreements that encourage widespread GIS software use across all State of Hawai‘i departments while achieving savings by leveraging current cloud technologies.

Enterprise Systems Branch — Migrated the existing executive branch Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to primary and secondary Cloud-enabled data centers.

Network Branch — Added redundancy and improved topology to increase reliability of the statewide network supporting the Hawai‘i Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA); established a dedicated connection (express route) to the Microsoft Azure Cloud; and provided a high-speed fiber optic connection to the State Judiciary. Also, established new coordinated statewide price list for Centrex Telephone and Cabling Services with the State Procurement Office, and increased network bandwidth (200-fold) for State agencies in the Kona State Office Building, the Molokai State Office Building, and on other neighbor islands.

Production Services Branch — Effectively managed production jobs for State departments and agencies, monitored the State networks, and maintained the operation of the State data center. In conjunction with other ETS branches launched a new paperless project to reduce the number of printed reports by 50% which will result in a reduction of 20,000 pages per day.

Program Management Branch — As part of DAGS Accounting Division’s Enterprise Payroll and Time & Attendance Modernization (HawaiiPay) project, accomplished successful transition for the executive branch HRMS to the Cloud-enabled services environment.

Security Branch — Performed proactive incident response engagement to search for signs of advanced malware not typically found by commodity anti-virus or intrusion detection system technologies.
Established a Cyber Security calendar of events, as described below:
• Monthly Cyber Hygiene Scans (vulnerability scans of external assets)
• Monthly E-Mail Social Engineering Exercises (simulated phishing campaigns to hawaii.gov e- mail addresses)
• Annual Table Top Exercises (simulated incident response scenarios)
• Case-by-Case Risk Assessments (security risk assessment for departments/divisions; resulting in initiatives to include vulnerability management, centralized logging, and targeted phishing)

Systems Services Branch — Maintained IBM Mainframe availability at 99.908 percent, and rolled out a Production Data Sharing System. Created a “locker” of parts on island for the Tax department to ensure minimal downtime of hardware failures on the old tax system.

Technology Support Services Branch — Completed rollout of Microsoft Office 365 for most executive branch departments; hardened the State’s Active Directory infrastructure; researched and implemented the new web platform for the State; increased adoption of Adobe Sign (electronic signature); and developed and supported the secure infrastructure of the Office of Elections.

2016 Accomplishments