Enterprise Programs and Projects

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Enterprise Programs and Projects consist of initiatives identified as enterprise in scope, leveraging economies of scale and setting standard platforms for IT systems to maximizing positive return on investment (e.g., tax, health and human services, asset management, budget, finance, grants, human resources, payroll, procurement, and time and attendance).

 2016 Accomplishments

  • Expanded on the Ige Administration’s targeted approach for large IT programs and projects by implementing a strategy of modularity, allowing ETS to drive reusability, align pace of change with system agility, eliminate vendor dependency, and promote innovation while lowering the total cost of ownership.
  • Initiated internal status reporting capability for all priority initiatives for effective governance and program management.
  • Partnered with DAGS throughout the “request for proposal” and vendor selection phases of the Enterprise Payroll and Time & Attendance Modernization project, which will address the significant risks associated with maintaining the current 40-year-old system, which is fragile, inflexible, manual and paper-intensive.
  • Collaborated with DAGS on the launch of the payroll modernization project, which will roll out new processes and technologies to aid State payroll staff in providing modern functionality, efficiencies, security and disaster recovery, while improving system performance and reliability, including timeliness and accuracy of payments.