IT Roadmapping


The ETS ITG IT Roadmap Team can be contacted via the ETS IT Governance Manager. The names and email addresses for the current ITG Manager and IT Roadmap Lead are found below. The IT Roadmap Lead provides each Department at least one Contributor account which is used to update an IT Roadmap. The IT Roadmap Lead can arrange for a Department to schedule a tutorial session to learn to use SharpCloud.


Todd Omura – [email protected]


Kaimana Bingham – [email protected]



a roadmap is the governing document that dictates specifically how technology will support the business strategy and help drive businesses priorities over the next 3-5 years.

The State CIO is required by statute to work with the Departments to develop and maintain IT road maps.

HRS §27-43 (4) Work with each executive branch department and agency to develop and maintain its respective multi-year information technology strategic and tactical plans and road maps that are part of the State’s overall information technology strategic plans, road maps, and directions;

IT Roadmaps will serve as the focal point of discussion between ETS and Departments when reviewing Department IT activities. They will also serve as a communication tool to other entities in the State, including the Legislature.

All biennium and supplemental year budget requests (Form A) and large ($50K or more) IT spend requests must reference a specific roadmap item.

All roadmaps will be maintained using SharpCloud. SharpCloud is a web-based roadmap visualization tool. All roadmap updates will be managed through the SharpCloud web-based graphical interface.

IT Roadmaps will be updated on a periodic, as-needed basis by the Departments, and the web-based SharpCloud tool must be used going forward.

At a minimum, the following information for each initiative or project must be kept up-to-date by the Department:

  • Description
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Red, Amber, Green (RAG) Status
  • Project Team contacts
  • Public View vs. Private View designation


For information about using SharpCloud, please refer to the document titled Basic SharpCloud Introduction which is available on the IT Governance Forms web page found at: here