IT Governance Forms

ETS IT (Information Technology) Spend Request Forms

ETS-205 Parts A and B (Revised 2016.10.25)

Note: The IT spend request form was named the T-205 until 2004 when it was revised and renamed ICSD-205. The current ETS-205 Parts A and B form is often referred to informally and formally (official memorandums) as the T-205. Spend requests of $50,000 or more require approval by the State CIO.

ETS-205 Part C Checklist (AKA “Form C”. Revised 2016.08.11)

  • This checklist form (ETS-205 Part C) is required for IT spend requests of $100,000 or more.
  • It must accompany any IT spend request made using the ETS-205 A/B form, the TR form (below), or a spend request memorandum.
  • IT Spend requests of $1 million or larger require review and approval by the Project Advisory Council (PAC).
  • IT Spend requests that require ETS-205 Form C must be in line with the department’s IT Roadmap.

ETS-205 Renewals Justification Worksheet (Published 2017.11.06)

ETS-205 Parts A/B/C Instructions (Revised 2017.07.06)

Spend Request Documentation

IT Budget and Spend Request Cycle Documentation (PDF) (Version 1 published October 2017)

Telecommunications Request (TR) Form

ETS Telecommunications Request form instructions (Revised 2015.06.15)

ETS Telecommunications Request form (AKA “TR” form. AKA ICSD-001. Revised 2009.02.01)

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Selecting an ETS Spend Request form

Selecting an ETS Spend Request form

ETS spend request process

ETS spend request process