IT Governance Forms

ETS IT (Information Technology) Spend Request Forms

ETS-205 Parts A and B (Revised 2016.10.25)

Note: The IT spend request form was named the T-205 until 2004 when it was revised and renamed ICSD-205. The current ETS-205 Parts A and B form is often referred to informally and formally (official memorandums) as the T-205. Spend requests of $50,000 or more require approval by the State CIO.

ETS-205 Part C Checklist (AKA “Form C”. Revised 2016.08.11)

  • This checklist form (ETS-205 Part C) is required for IT spend requests of $100,000 or more.
  • It must accompany any IT spend request made using the ETS-205 A/B form, the TR form (below), or a spend request memorandum.
  • IT Spend requests of $1 million or larger require review and approval by the Project Advisory Council (PAC).
  • IT Spend requests that require ETS-205 Form C must be in line with the department’s IT Roadmap.

ETS-205 Renewals Justification Worksheet (Published 2017.11.06)

  • Required for renewals in spend requests of $50K or more. Note that this does not apply for an in progress agreement: E.g., Year 2 of a 3 year existing renewal agreement.

ETS-205 Parts A/B/C Instructions (Revised 2017.07.06)

Spend Request Documentation

IT Budget and Spend Request Cycle Documentation (PDF) (Version 1 published October 2017)

IT Budget and Spend Request Cycle Documentation (web)

Telecommunications Request (TR) Form

ETS Telecommunications Request form instructions (Revised 2018.04.12)

Clarification in the Process of Ordering Patch Cords/Patch Cables

Purchases of patch cords/patch cables do not require approval from ETS. As such, do not submit a Telecom Request (TR). When ordering patch cords/patch cables, issue Purchase Orders (PO) directly to the vendor. When ordering from Hawaiian Telcom (HT), send the PO to your HT Account Manager.

ETS Telecommunications Request form (AKA “TR” form. AKA ETS-001. Revised 2018.02.01)

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Selecting an ETS Spend Request form

Selecting an ETS Spend Request form

ETS IT Governance Process

ETS IT Governance Process